Animal Management Equipment

In addition to quality Kentucky 4 Board, wire and mesh fencing, Shuck Fence also offers various animal management equipment to meet all your farm needs.  Whether you are looking for a dog kennel, cattle management gate equipment or goat gates, containment or feeders, we can get anything you need.   As a distributor for Tarter Gate, let us order all your animal management equipment today!
Horse Management
Tarter sought out the advice of people who breed, raise, train, and feed horses in order to develop products that were both practical and safe.  The result is an unparalleled line of horse management equipment that meets the demanding needs of professional and amateur eventers as well as those of the casual horse person who simply cares about taking the best possible care of their animals.
Cattle Handling Equipment
Tarter makes all sorts of cattle management equipment and cattle feeders, hay bale holders, stands, watering tanks, etc.
Farm & Ranch Equipment
You raise animals for a living.  You depend on them and they depend on you.  So your choice of Farm and Range Equipment is important to you both.  Since 1945, Tarter has produced the largest line of quality-made animal management and livestock equipment available, including tubular and galvanized-steel gates, corral fencing, hay feeders, squeeze chutes, and a host of other products to meet all your needs.
Equine Equipment
Tarter has corral panels, walk-thrus, stalls, doors, feeders, and all sorts of equine accessories to meet all your needs.
Shuck Fence offers cattle guards from 2T Cattle Guard.  Finally, you can have a cattle guard without the inconvenience of having to keep a pit cleaned out.  This revolutionary new cattle guard simply needs a level surface for proper installation.  There is no maintenance required and the unit is totally portable, to conform with the needs of a modern ranch, farm, oil field, or construction company.  When driven across, the floor collapses level with the terrain, and upon exiting, it begins a slow retrieve, taking 25 to 30 seconds to reach full height.  This allows ample time to safely tow a trailer across.  Because the floor settles completely against the ground, the weight bearing capacity is tremendous.
If you need any gates, corrals or feeders for your farm animals, all you have to do is ask Shuck Fence and we can get what you need.  We proudly distribute for American Farmland by Tarter Gate.  Just click here to see more corrals, feeders, or gates.
Miscellaneous Dog Kennels, Etc.
Shuck Fence carries a variety of dog houses, dog kennels, small horse stalls, etc.  Come to Shuck Fence for all your animal supply needs.
Shuck Fence can also assist you with all your horse management needs.  Just click here for all sorts of items from corrals, feeders, stalls, doors, and other equipment.  We can order whatever you need today!